Jescome is a professonal manufacturer of height adjustable desk frames, we are a small business company, we focused our all powers in this small industry, make our height adjsutable desk frame stable, comfortable and easy to use.

Comparing with other big manufacturers, our advantages are we can do small quantity orders, custom manufacturing for special requirements, fit your design and quick sample design and manufacturing, Quick Customer support. We are flexible, comparing with some big manufacturers.

We have laser cutting, laser welding,bending machines, all advanced machines, all components are well made and high quality controlled. Every height adjustble desk frame 100% tested and well packaged.

We currently have customers from UK, US, Australia,Canada, and other 17 countries.  

Jescome is a family-owned business company, SME and focused in linear actuator products. Story started in 2007, The company founder Mr. Yao found the height adjustable desk products on an exhibition in Guangzhou, he thought it must be a good product for people that long-time working besides the desk, but at that time, he had no experiences on the linear actuator products. His business was power cord and cables. He tried to find someone can supply the technologies on linear acturator products. The chance was one clients from Austrlia, a office furniture supplier, they had requirements for the height adjustable desks and other office furniture products. And he know some technicist in other manufacturers. With their help, we have orders and technicists to produce standing desks.

Because of the experience, our business principle is always building win-win relationship with our clients. We are started from the help from our clients, and we hope we can bring more help to our clients.

Global-Mark is one of Australia’s leading Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs), currently working with over 7,000 clients and has approximately 11,000 current certificates issued.

The low voltage directive (LVD) (2014/35/EU) ensures that electrical equipment within certain voltage limits provides a high level of protection for European citizens, and benefits fully from the single market. It has been applicable since 20 April 2016.

The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Directive 2014/30/EU ensures that electrical and electronic equipment does not generate, or is not affected by, electromagnetic disturbance.