FAQ - About Jescome

Is Jescome a Manufacturer or a trade company?

Jescome is a manufacturer located in Ningbo, China.

How many years Jescome in this industry?

Jescome was founded in 2007, we had been in producing standing desk for 14 years (this described in 2021).

What are your biggest clients now?

We cannot list our clients on our website, but we can list some clients from countries. Our biggest clients from Australia, USA, Japan. Australian clients usually service for the government customers and other markets from the personal users or company customers.

How about the annual sales?

100% our products exported to the outboard countries, we will started some domestic business from 2021. we sold about 5 M dollors in 2019 and 2020. We are a SME in China.

What is our competitive advantages?

We have some competitors like Jiecang, Auke etc. Comparing with them, we are small company, we focus our all capacity on producing standing desks. We are flexible, we can custom manufacturing 10 desks for a special customer.

How can I contact Jescome quickly for product questions?

You can quickly send email via nicole@jescome.net or just submit form on our website contact page, we will contact you within 24 hours. If anything urgent, you can call us +86-574-62122205.

Also you can contact us through social media account, facebook messenger or whatsapp.

FAQ - about desks

What is height adjustable desks?

people will get hurt by long time sitting working, a high desk named standing desk was founded in Europe long long ago. then now people think the height adjustable desk can resolve the issue. People can adjust the height sitting or standing. also for different body height to fit the sitting posture.

What is difference between electric desk and crank desk?

Crank desk usually lift by hand, no power need, and easy to use for outdoor or the school etc. it would be safe to far away from the power supply. electric standing desk, they have more features, like anti-collision, gyro-sensor protection, height limit, 4 momeries one click to your height, child-lock, etc.

Can you design your own desk and custom manufacture?

Yes, we have the current featured componets, like lifting legs, control box, control pannel etc. you can design your own desks if the quantities over 10, we can custom manufacture for you.  We have different solutions like 1 leg, 2 legs, 3 legs, 4 legs, some special 6 legs electric standing desk solutions. Fit your requirements.

What is the min-height of the desks?

currently we have 2 different height legs,  2-stage leg and 3-stage leg. They would be the limitation of the different min-height design of the desk.  The 2-stages leg would be design the min-height at 700mm. and the 3-stages leg would be design the min-height of the desk at 600 mm.

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